Oakland Schools ~ Michigan


Oakland SchoolsWon’t Back Down, the new “Parent Trigger” reform movie starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis, is packed with spirit and emotion and good acting, but something is missing. Well, the facts, for one, but this is Hollywood and we’re all used to movie-land playing fast and loose with “true events”. What’s missing is a big chunk of transparency. Something dark and backroom is not-being-said about this film, which lends a sinister Hunger Games air of propaganda to every hoo-rah Walmart-backed preview and cinema premiere.

The movie, for all of its feel-good parent empowerment, was funded by conservative legislative and corporate groups who are hopeful about making a fortune off of privatizing public education. By demonizing teachers, the financiers hoped to pull smoke-and-mirrors over their own modus operandi: get cranky citizens pointed angrily in the wrong direction, and maybe no one will notice…

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