Pieces Of You

I have spoken with a handful of weary educators this week.  The stories slightly different, but general themes still emerge:

  • They are distracted from their work by things that are only loosely related to their goals
  • There are never enough resources to ensure their students have what they need
  • A handful of students require the bulk of their time
  • They worry they did not meet the needs of every student, every day

The weariness in their face and voice concerns me.  Having hope is vital as it keeps you moving in the right direction.

It is helpful to have some reminders in times like these.  While it feels like efforts aren’t paying off immediately, we know that we cannot immediately measure that which matters.  They take pieces of you and make them their own over time. 

  • Keep hopeful.
  • Believe that your work is vital.
  • Keep focused on the lynch pin:  your relationship with each individual
  • Attend to your voice and nonverbals:  “The voice we use when we speak to them becomes the voice inside their head.”
  • When problems arise, keep trying to solve the problem.  You can make it better.
  • Focus on what you can impact and let the rest go

Public education is vital for everyone, everywhere.  It is our tomorrow.  You are the key to this truth.

We must believe, collectively, that things are going to be okay.


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