White Dudes Dangling Carrots


The US is  in a state of revolutionary  change.  .  As we stand on the edge of the “fiscal cliff”, we reflect on what was, in the decades before the crash.  Indeed, the bell-shaped curve illustrating the “haves” and “have-nots” has become an inverted J curve with the chasm between the rich and poor astounding; the lopsided spin  makes the bulk of us dizzy.

It is time we focus on the core issues.  Government needs to work collaboratively to solve the REAL problems.  Pointing at teachers, firefighters, police, librarians instead of focusing on the REAL problem for our financial woes is incredulous. In politics, it is obvious where the unnecessary roadblocks lie.  In the past, Obama sent forth proposals with concessions already in place, thinking they would be accepted.  He learned that the proposals were pocketed and  Congress simply asked for more.   Failure to collaborate and compromise is a core issue.  The philosophical differences are hurdles, but solving the problems should not be optional.  Drawing lines in the sand cannot be tolerated.  The people in the US spoke clearly last month.  Did anyone hear?

Blaming the poor, the uneducated, teachers/firefighters/police officers and others for the money woes in this country is incredulous.  It is nothing more than dangling carrots and barking  empty  promises.   Not everyone is distracted by hollow, shiny things dangled by good-looking guys with a tan and nice, white teeth.

Not me, anyways. The problems are crystal clear.   I hope I am still around to see our country  focus on the truth instead of blaming the casualties on the side of the road,  victims of a system that protects the elite.

It’s time to put the political shenanigans aside for the welfare of our country.  


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