The kind of flexibility seen here is amazing. The spontaneous learning quite profound.

What I Learned Today

On Sunday, at the end of the last day of EduCon, I attended a phenomenal session.

Wait — that’s wrong. It was not a “session” — that’s not how we do things at EduCon — it was a conversation, with multiple voices, not a one-way dissemination of information.

And I did not merely “attend” — I contributed, as did the other people in the room (we even had a remote contributor from California).

So let me start over, because as we discussed during our conversation, words matter.

On Sunday, the last conversation at EduCon, I had the privilege of contributing to a phenomenal conversation led by my good friends Megan Howard and Jill Gough.


I came to the session because Jill and Megan are smart, thoughtful folks. What they did, aside from facilitate a great conversation, was to be flexible and pull in two leading educators to enrich…

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