“I Used To Think…” with PBIS

Our second cohort of  school teams came today for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Intensive Training.   We changed it up a bit by having two superb administrators from a county middle school and elementary come to tell their PBIS “story” of implementation.    Much of our typical content delivery was woven into the message given by these two “pros” .  Nice change!

Our Work During The Day

Teams will be using PBIS Assessments and the Benchmarks of Quality  (BOQ) to progress monitor their school’s implementation.  After completing the BOQ electronically at their table, teams discussed their results.

They were given a bit of content covering the various components of PBIS implementation.  They had good conversations with their team to determine what they had in place and what they needed to add or “tweak”.  Action plans for every phase were documented.  This will be taken back to their school for input prior to our next session in one month.  They will end the three sessions with a detailed roll out plan that is unique to their building’s needs.

At the end of our first day, participants were asked for feedback about what did and didn’t work for them.  Additionally, we did the “I used to think” routine to help participants reflect upon how and why their thinking had changed after our first day.  Here are many of the responses:

used to


Teams were at variety of places in their implementation efforts thus far.   All teams were  experiencing many inconsistencies and “holes” in their current efforts.  Still, keeping the conversations rich and moving through the day was tricky considering everyone had different needs.  It was not always clear when to stop and start.  It seems someone’s experience would be jeopardized if we moved on; others needed to move on to maximize their day.  I suspect this is the teaching conundrum.  We will discuss ways to negotiate this in the future.

We will continue fine-tuning the context of their learning and  look forward to our next session in about one month!


Find a PBIS Assessment Coordinator

PBIS Assessment School Information Form

Thinking Routines


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