The Short Cut

middie (2)

I just finished reading Krissy Venosdale’s blog entitled When You Have A Nothing To Blog About .  I realized it was time to write.


I was honored to work with a handful of adults last week.  They had data that needed to be visually displayed.  I had a few tricks to help them bring this to life.  There was a purpose.  They were engaged.   However, several of the adults struggled with negotiating the computer and Excel.

Not just a little struggle.  A BIG struggle.  With each decision, they became stuck and could not take the next step.  One adult, in particular, became frustrated when encouraged to think about the next move.  He  shut down.  Couldn’t move.  A peer swooped in and did the work for him.  He was relieved,   for now

Admittedly, I am pro at hitting all the keys until something important happens.  The techies don’t like this, but it never fails me.  Some call it trial and error learning; others call it fluid reasoning.  I just think of it as “making problems go away as they appear”.  You get better with practice.  The answer to your problem is just one key or one  “Google” away.

I see technophobia often with adult learners using technology.

  •  It doesn’t come natural
  •  It isn’t easy
  • Avoiding is preferred

If we really believe everyone can learn and that practice matters, we must  continue trying.   We CAN get better.   For educators and parents, there is a side benefit:  we show our children what persistence looks like.

Psst!  Technology isn’t going away.  

Embracing it is the “short cut”  


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