If the Shoe Fits: Nurturing an Ecology

In a recent post, I highlighted an integrated plan for change that was created by one thoughtful staff at a public elementary school.  While the plan was created by the staff, based on their unique needs, it includes (as a vehicle for change) several “programs”.   Rollout can happen in one of two very different ways:    
  • We can “install” the system as a shiny, dangly “new” initiative
  • We can “build” the system within the current , complex ecology

The subtle, but important,  difference between the two methodologies is important to understand.  People do not embrace change if it is too bulky, too rigid, too boring or laborious.  Change must be graceful, even when it is somewhat disruptive.  

For lasting change, we must build upon the good things that are already happening within the school ecology.

I have written about The Genius of And and the false dichotomies that plague education.  I challenge people to step back and to modify how they view new initiatives.  They must be roomy enough to integrate what already is with what can be.

If the shoes fit, people will wear them.


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